The werewolf, the Librarian and I


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Book 4 WLI: The werewolf Kind!

Posted by Erin Rambeau on April 15, 2015 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (1)

So Book 4, as many of you know is taking a bit more time to do. If you are interested in reading what the book is about here is a blurb from the back flap.

WLI: The werewolf Kind!

Rio and I were on a brake (His brain child, not mine!) and I was feeling loney. I decided to ring the new year with Kerri and her new Boytoy. This flavor was named Noty. On my way home, I was attacked by an unusal werewolf, with hair like steel and eyes like fire. I was nearly killed and awoke in a strange bedroom. I was in bad shape. The werewolf almost killed me. As I lay there thrying to figure out where I was a dark man walked in. He was handsome, built and was the epitome of what I would call the Dark man of my dreams. He explained the strange werewolf who attacked me was named 'Dark Light'. It was his brother. "My name is Dark Shadow." He said. It suited him. "Aurroara." I said with a smile. He reached out his hand to shake mine, and when we touched I could feel a spark like no other. It was a feeling as though I wanted to yank my hand away, but I wanted more. 

Dark Shadow's blood was the only thing that could heal me. So I stayed at his mansion while he healed me. There he told me where us werewolves evolved from. 

Mean while Kerri is trying to take over my life, at work. She has decided to dabble in selling something in the library. Something.......under cover! 

A little about me!

Posted by Erin Rambeau on March 27, 2012 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (1)

March 27, 2012

My name is Erin Rambeau and I work at my local library. :D I live in a nice town called Fountain, Co. I have lived here since 1992. When we came back from Germany. My father was in the army and we moved a lot while I grew up. I am 37 years old and "The werewolf, the librarian and I" is the first book that I have ever published. I plan on making it into a series. Book 4 is currently under way.

I absolutely LOVE Haribo Gummy bears.  YUMMERS!!!

I love Pizza Hut pizza. Favorite Lunch ever! For Dinner it would be Steak and a salad. LOL ;)

Favorite Flower is Roses ALL colors.

Favorite color is Red.

Favorite books to read: Mystery

Favorite animal is Unicorn.